Through our values of Joyfulness, Curiosity, Compassion and Commitment, we strive to learn and achieve within a caring Catholic community.

We are a nut-free school to ensure the safety of a student who has a life threatening nut allergy.

St Gerard's is a Decile 9 school state integrated Roman Catholic School with a maximum roll of 180 pupils.   As at April 30th 2018 we have 138 fantastic pupils in 6 classes - Year 0 (new entrants)/ Year 1,  Year 2, Year 3/4, Year 4/5, Year 6, Year 7/8. 

Our students come from Alexandra as well as the greater Alexandra area, including Clyde, Omakau and Earnscleugh.  We foster a close relationship with the parish of Saint John the Baptist and the wider community through our outreach programmes. Pupils take part in and celebrate Feast Days, liturgies, class and school masses. The teachings of Jesus permeate our curriculum and everything we say and do.

Being a small school allows us to foster a family atmosphere and we are blessed to have a strongly committed PTA and Board of Trustees.   The Board of Trustees is committed to small class sizes and engages the services of qualified and experienced teachers, a reading recovery teacher, music specialist, teacher of Maori, and very experienced teacher aides to meet the individual learning needs of our students.  All children actively participate in faith, academic, cultural, social and sporting activities to the best of their abilities, aiming always for excellence.  Being a reconciliation faith we believe and practice restorative justice.   If your family has a connection with the Catholic Church, you may have preference of enrolment; our role is open for 5% non-preference.


Catholic Character

Catholic Attitudes and values are part of all curriculum areas and routines.  Classes begin each day with a time of prayer.


The New Zealand Religious Curriculum is taught throughout the school.


The children participate in class liturgies, Reconciliation and visits from the Parish Priest during the year as well as School Celebrations of Mass at the beginning and end of each year, and for special events including Ash Wednesday and Holy Days.  Special activities are held each year on Mission Day, Mercy Day, NZ Catholic Schools Day and the Feast of St Gerard. Each Monday, the whole school begins the day with prayer in the Parish church at 9am. Parents are always welcome to any of these activities.




School Address                 St Gerard’s School

                                           2 Station Street

                                           Alexandra 9320


Telephone Number:          03 448 8339

Fax:                                   03 448 6410

Email:                                office@stgerards.school.nz

Website:                            www.stgerards.school.nz


Parish:                               St John The Baptist

Parish Priest:                     Father Pat McGettigan

Phone:                               03  448 8202




The St Gerard’s School Board of Trustees include the following members

Ellen Middendorf  -  Elected parent trustee - Board Chair

Ben Donaldson  -     Elected parent trustee 

Sam Williams     -    Elected parent trustee

Heather Breen   -    Elected parent trustee

 Nathan McLean -    Elected parent trustee

Savio Fonseca     -    Proprietor's Appointee

Barbara Grubb         -    Proprietor's Appointee

Father Vaughan Leslie  -   Parish Priest

Chris Beilby   -   Elected staff trustee

Trina Eastwood   -   Principal/Tumuaki

An election for the  Board members was held 3rd June 2016. Elections are held every three years.

Copies of the School Charter and Policies are available on the Board of Trustees page on the school website

Religious education Policy and procedures are on the Special Character page.



SCHOOL HOURS            8.55 am – 2.55 pm          

8.30 am is the earliest children are to arrive at school


Children are not allowed to leave the school grounds between 8.55 am and 2.55 pm, without parent/guardian written permission.


Parents are welcome at school at any time.  However, it is not always convenient for a teacher to leave his/her class.  It is more helpful if you ring the Secretary or email the staff member concerned and make a suitable appointment. 


The Secretary’s hours are 8.30 am – 2.30 pm



Morning School begins:          8.55 am       


Brain Break:                            10.00 am - 10.10 am

Morning interval:                     11.15 am - 11.40 am             

Lunch:                                     12.45 pm - 1.30 pm

School ends:                           2.55pm


Brain Break- 

Students are given the opportunity to eat a piece of fruit or vegetable plus a drink of water and get fresh air in an area close to their classroom.


Milk in Schools

We are a member of Fonterra Milk in Schools program and parents sign a form to agree that their child receive a carton of long-life milk at brain break time each day.

Morning Interval

Students are asked to all packets and refuse to their own lunch box. 



We encourage families to send a healthy lunch to school. Students are expected to remain seated in the lunch area for 15 minutes as they eat their lunch. Wrappers are expected to be taken home and any food scraps are placed in the pig bucket.

We encourage re-cycling at school and support families to find ways of sending lunches without throw away wrappings.



Attendance Dues are a charge made by the Proprietor as a condition of enrolment at an integrated school.  The Proprietor is the Bishop of our Diocese - Bishop Colin.  This is a legal charge and not a donation, nor is it tax deductible.

The Ministry of Education financially supports staff wages and curriculum expenses as in any school in New Zealand, but the buildings and grounds are owned and maintained by the Diocese.

The link below is to a document produced by the Diocese of Dunedin which is a comprehensive document outlining why parents pay fees at Catholic schools and what the money is used for.

Catholic Education - A Positive Choice

The Attendance dues for 2018 are: $445 per child annually

Bishop Michael is committed to Catholic students being able to attend a Catholic school and is determined that no one should miss out due to financial hardship.

The fees are collected by the Dunedin Diocese.  You can arrange to pay this in the way that best meets your family needs e.g instalments or annually.   You can arrange with the Diocese office your own way of paying this and support is available if you find hardship in paying this invoice.

You can set up instalment payments e.g 

Weekly: $8.56

Fortnightly: $17.12

Monthly: $37.08

Quarterly: $111.25

Please approach Father Vaughan if you have any concerns with this requirement at St Gerard's School.Ph 4488202


SCHOOL COSTS:  Presently there is no overall activity fee charged by the school. Parents pay for activities as they occur.

                              One cultural activity per term is covered by the school PTA.


SCHOOL LUNCHES- We are a nut- free school. Please do not include any items in lunch/ snack food that contain whole nuts or peanut butter. Items that say "may contain traces of nuts" are safe to bring to school.

Lunch orders can be placed at the school for the Tarbert Street Foodcentre to deliver to school. A price list is available online and in the school office. These are available only on a Friday.  Order and correct money to be put in an envelope with the child’s name and Room No. on the outside and placed in the box in the foyer BEFORE school. 

Sausages and bread/ Hot dogs- these are available from time to time at school on Wednesdays  and will be advertised in the school newsletter.


In Terms 2 and 3 the school operates a pie warmer.  If you child is bringing food to be heated up please ensure the following:


o   Item wrapped in tinfoil

o   Clearly mark child’s name and Room No. (use spirit based felt pen on tinfoil)

o   Please DO NOT attach names with pins etc

o   NO FROZEN items thank you

o   NO gravy or sauce


For safety reasons no child may leave the school grounds without a note of consent from either parent or guardian.  If your child is to leave for lunch on a regular basis please contact the Secretary so a record can be kept and the need for a note averted.


All students are expected to have a drink bottle in their own rooms. A drinking fountain, kindly supplied by the PTA is available in the corridor outside Room 5 with a filtered water spout for filling bottles.



General: All uniform needs are now available through the school uniform shop, located next to room 3.  Open from 2.45- 3.15 Monday afternoons & Friday morning 8.45- 9.15 am  during term time or contact stgerardsuniform@gmail.com  or St Gerards  Alexandra Uniform shop Facebook page to make contact with Rebecca McNaughton and Alana Melvin . Any questions please call/text Rebecca on 0275255996. There are both new and secondhand uniforms available for sale. Any profits from sales purchased through the school return to the school programme through the PTA.

Some uniform items are also available from  The Warehouse Alexandra.

One of the most important outward signs of belonging to the school community is the school uniform.  Correct school uniform worn tidily and with pride gives children a positive self image and identity.

St Gerard’s has a school uniform which children are expected to wear every day.  If for some reason the uniform cannot be worn, a note from parent/guardian is required.






 Green "Hunting MacKinnon" tartan Kilt/ pinafore

White blouse OR white skivvy

Forest Green v neck jersey

Forest Green Polar Fleece

Black OR green tights OR black knee length socks

Black OR brown leather or leather look shoes.



Green gingham dress

Forest Green  v neckJersey 

Forest Green polar fleece

White ankle socks with shoes


Black or brown sandals OR brown or black leather or leather look shoes







Long grey woollen dress trousers OR winter weight grey shorts

Grey  long sleeved shirt or grey OR grey polar shirt

Forest Green v necked Jersey 

Forest Green polar fleece

Plain grey socks-  three quarter ankle length or ankle

Black OR brown leather or leather look shoes




Grey shorts

Grey short sleeved shirt or grey  polar shirt

Forest Green v neck Jersey 

Forest Green polar fleece

Grey three quarter length or ankle plain socks to be worn with shoes


Black OR brown sandals or black or brown leather or leather look shoes


JEWELLERY-  cross, crucifix  or greenstone necklace only.  Earring studs only

SUNHATS-   must be worn term 1 & 4

HAIR-           Longer than shoulder length must be tied up.

( green/ black hair ties, ribbons or headbands only)



  • Green T-shirt
  • Black shorts
    • Green tracksuit pants- size 6- 14. ( all years need to have these, unless they have been given a PTA tracksuit)





    An active PTA operates in the school.  In the last few years they have helped fund a new playground,

    a sports shed, interactive whiteboards in our classrooms and a new drinking fountain.  They also donate

    thousands of dollars to pay for visiting shows, subsidise classroom and school activities and top up classroom resources. This helps to keep down the costs to parents of their children attending shows and workshops.


    The PTA continually need parents support in fundraising ventures so they can continue their financial contribution to the school.  Any help big or small is welcomed.  You don’t have to be on the committee to help, but if you have ideas and want to join up the PTA would love to see you.  Meetings are held the third Tuesday of the month in the staffroom.


    PTA Secretary: Jen McLean


    SCHOOL WEBSITEwww.stgerards.school.nz

    The latest news, notices and classroom happenings can be found on the school website.



    The school newsletter is published each Wednesday and can be accessed through the school website: www.stgerards.school.nz.  Should you not have access to this please let us know and your child can bring home a hard copy.



    Each class has a Blog where teachers will place homework and any notices for parents and students. Student’s work is also placed on this from time to time. Photos of excursions and activities are available for viewing. Access to Blogs is through the website.


    Anyone who does not have access to a computer can receive the information in hard copy.



    A copy of the enrolment form can be found on the Enrolments Page on the school website


    Early Explorers

    What is this programme?

    This is a programme where children have the opportunity to be part of the New Entrant programme that St Gerard’s has to offer. It is for children already enrolled at our school or for families thinking about St Gerard’s as their school of choice. This is an opportunity for children to get to know Mrs Flannery and become familiar with the regular routines and events of a school morning while getting to meet peers.

    Early Explorers will take place on Thursday mornings from 8.30 until 11am for 10 weeks prior to a child beginning school. 

    During this programme the focus will be on the following:

    ·         Emotional readiness

    ·         Social routines

    ·         Organization and manipulative skills

    ·         Gross and fine motor skills

    ·         Early language and numeracy knowledge


    What we need from you

    ·         A commitment to bring children on a weekly or fortnightly basis.

    ·         To bring them to school and take them back to their learning centre or give permission for staff to return them on your behalf.

    ·         To make caregivers aware of what we are offering



    If children become ill at school, parents are notified by telephone, or if we are unable to contact you, the emergency number you have provided is used.   For this reason, it is important for us to keep our records up to date – please inform us if you have a change of circumstances/phone number.


    If your child is sick, please phone the school between 8.30 a.m. – 9.15 a.m. and his/her name will be entered in our “DAY  Book”.


    The best place for a sick child is at home in bed, (please remember this if your child is unwell before school).   However, no child will be sent home until we are certain there is an adult at home to receive the child.


    In the event of an accident requiring immediate attention appropriate emergency action will be taken and you will be informed.



    Please notify the school if your child suffers from asthma, or requires special medication for allergies.   If necessary a supply of this current medication, clearly marked and stating correct dosage will be kept at school.   If you wish a staff member to administer prescription medication on a regular basis you will be asked to complete a form giving staff permission.



    MEDICAL INFORMATION is updated at the beginning of the year.   A form will be attached to the school newsletter for you to complete and return for our information and records.  Medications held at school are updated at this stage.

    Our procedure regarding administering medication at school is included as an attachment at the bottom of this page together with a consent form for administering medication at school.  If this is required please complete and return to the school office.Forms are available from the school office.


    The children here attend the Dental Clinic located at Alexandra Primary School.  

    Parents are notified by the Dental Nurse as to when their appointment time is and it is parent’s responsibility to ensure their child attends the clinic.


    If you are able to support your child through volunteering to attend camps/ transport etc you will be asked to complete a police vetting form at the beginning of the year to comply with the Vulnerable Children's Act. This will be current for 3 years and the Principal will maintain a register of parents vetted by police.The Principal is the only staff member who sights the personal information on the police vetting form.



    Children have regular class physical education lessons and specialised programmes.  All children are expected to participate.


    Physical Education uniform must be worn by all children during regular sports time or while representing the school.  (Please refer to Uniform section)


    If your child is unable to participate in sport or physical education a note must be forwarded to your child’s teacher.

    Swimming, ice skating, cross country, athletics, triathlon are all part of the curriculum and students will not be excused non participation unless parental request is made.


    We receive tremendous support from parents in these programmes and we encourage you to take an active part in this aspect of your child’s education.



    For your safety when delivering and collecting children by car, the use of the Church car park is requested.  Please do not use the Presbytery and Church driveway.  This is for cyclists only.  All drop off and pick up points have been arranged so that no parent has to call a child across the road.



    The Ministry of Transport recommend that children under the age of ten years not ride their bicycles on the road. 



    • Bike stands for the use of all cyclists are situated along Station Street.  Children are asked to leave their bikes at this point.
    • It is expected that all bikes being ridden are roadworthy and that the children are familiar with and abide by the road rules.
    • Children are not to borrow bikes for any reason.
    •  Helmets and viz jackets  are compulsory.

     Walking to school

    • Viz jackets are issued to any student who walks, rides or catches a bus on request. Please ask your childs teacher for this  an please wear these daily.

    Travelling in Cars

     Those children under 7 or less than 148 cm will need to supply a car seat for any school trips that use a parent or teachers car for transport. Where possible, school buses will be used.


    School buses drop off on station street in front of the school and pick up on Tarbet Street or beside the church. A teacher is rostered on duty at the bus pick up sites each afternoon. Students are requested to mark themselves off the bus when they are not catching it. The roster is in the school office in front of the school computer.Parents can ring school in the morning and inform the school secretary.  She will cross them off the list when applicable

    The following buses presently service our school:-


                Clyde 1




                Letts Gully


    Please contact GoBus(formerly Central Motorways) for any information related to your child catching the bus to or from school. Alternative bus routes can be available through GoBus if your child is attending our school. There is no cost for your child to use the school bus, if you live outside the town boundary and choose for them to attend our Catholic school. Contact GoBus to clarify eligibility.

    GoBus: ph: 4486868


    Transport – Expectations

    All students are expected to sit during the trip home to and from school and treat other passengers and the driver with respect. To ride the bus is a privilege not a right and students can be prevented from travelling on the bus if their behaviour endangers themselves or others.

    GoBus will not allow scooters, roller blades or rip sticks to travel on the bus.



    These are allowed for use at school during Term 1 and Term 4.It is the responsibility of the student to place their scooter inside the classroom at the end of the night if they are not being taken home. The school holds no responsibility for stolen or lost scooters due to being left out at night. 


    We are a restorative School- all behaviour management within the school is dealt with in a restorative manner. A restorative plan is attached at the bottom of this page. The restorative chat questions are also available attached below. These questions are used by all staff at lower level initial interviews.



    Twice a term children are able to order books through the Ashton Scholastic Book Club.  Books are of a general nature and are listed in three graded catalogues – Lucky/Arrow/Star.


    Order forms are distributed by the School.  Any orders you wish to place should be done so through the school.


    When ordering please ensure your child’s choice is marked clearly on the form and ensure the correct money is enclosed.



    Children in Year 7 and 8 children attend the Terrace School of Technology, Marslin Street, every second Friday to work on practical activities from the technology programme including workshop technology, food and textile technology.


    A list of requirements is given to each child at the beginning of the school year.

    There is a cost for this curriculum area and that is invoiced to parents at the beginning of the year.




    Term One:          31st Jan - 13th April

    Term Two:          30th April - 6th July

    Term Three:        24rd July - 28th Sept

    Term Four:          15th Oct - 18th Dec

    ( or to a date that meets the legal requirement of half days at school in 2018)



    Public Holidays and Other Closed School Days 2018

    Waitangi Day              6th February 

    Otago Anniversary      26th March                          

    Good Friday                30th March 

    Easter Monday           2nd April 

    Easter Tuesday          3rd April 

    Queens Birthday         4th June

    Labour Day                 22nd October

    There may be 1 or 2 other teacher only days during the year. Dates will come to you through the newsletter.

     Staff Roles Within Our School


    Present position held by Mrs Julie Flannery


    A SENCO, or Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator, is the teacher who is responsible for overseeing the planning and monitoring of children with learning or behavioural needs.


    Mrs Flannery will be the person who:

    ·      Organises with any Ministry of Education specialists- e.g Resource Teacher of Literacy( RTLIT) Resource Teacher of Learning and Behaviour ( RTLB) Special Education advisors, Speech Language Therapists,(SLT) .

    ·      Liaises with doctors or specialists that may be supporting a students learning or medical needs.

    ·      Organises Individual Education Plans ( IEP- a plan that states exactly what your child’s goals are to support their need and who is responsible for each aspect).

    ·      Organises the IEP meetings that involves the parents and any specialists and teachers involved with that child.


    DRS- Director of Religious Studies

    Present position held by Mrs Claire Dwyer


    A DRS- ensures the Special Character of our school is maintained and enhanced. Gives guidance and provides effective leadership in religious instruction and observances throughout the school.


    Mrs Dwyer will be the person who:

    ·      Organises all school masses

    ·      Supports staff for their mid week masses and prayer

    ·      Guides staff on areas of Special Character that need attention or updating.

    ·      Monitors staff qualifications in religious education

    ·      Liaises with and guides our Special Character Leaders




    Present position held by Mr Ollie Yeoman


    The Enviro leader- maintains the school focus on Sustainable environmental practices within the school. Maintains a link for our school with the local Enviro schools programme and its leadership.



    Mr Yeoman will be the person who:


    ·      Works with the BOT towards making policy, strategy and goals that focus on environmentally sustainable practice.

    ·      Currently leads initiatives such as- vegetable garden, waste reduction, river monitoring.

    ·      Supports staff and students with their enviro education as part of the Enviro Schools programme.

    ·      Leads the schools progress to achieve the Enviro Schools attainment awards- 2018 we are aiming for silver

    ·       Brings attention to environmental issues local and global.



    Presently we do not have anyone fulfilling this role due to the fact it is too hard for 1 staff member to do on top of their classroom responsibilities. All staff are sharing this role by taking an aspect of the sport programme within the school.

    Term 1

    • Swimming- Mrs Beilby
    • Triathlon-    Mr Yeoman
    • Walk N Wheel- Mrs Beilby
    • Football South Soccer- Mrs Beilby
    • Softball & TBall- Mrs Eastwood
    • Touch- Mrs Lyon

    Term 2
    • Swimming -rooms 3,4,7- Mrs Beilby
    • Rippa rugby- Mr Yeoman
    • Ice Skating/ Curling- Mrs Beilby
    • Curling Tournament- Mr Yeoman
    • Hockey/ Netball- Mrs Flannery
    • Miniball- Mrs Beilby

    Term 3

    • Swimming- rooms 5 & 6- Mrs Lyon
    • Cross Country- Mr Yeoman
    • Athletics - 2 staff- junior/ senior members

    Term 4

    • Athletics- 2 staff- junior/ senior members
    • Swimming -5 year olds only  Mrs Flannery
    • Softball/ TBall-  Mrs Eastwood
    • Touch- Mrs Lyon
    • Life Education- Mrs Eastwood



    1. Talk positively about what happens at school.
    2. Encourage good manners at home and at school and reinforce the school rules.
    3. Provide and encourage your child to wear the correct school uniform with pride.
    4. Encourage your child to take responsibility for their books and belongings and for their learning.
    5. Take an interest in your child's homework and encourage and help if necessary.
    6. If their are any concerns please refer them to the class teacher.
    7. Read the newsletters and classroom blogs.
    8. Respond to notices (as these are there for a reason) by the due date.
    9. Have your child at school on time.
    10. Provide transport for sporting events.
    11. Coach, manage a sports team.
    12. Cover new reading books.
    13. Work in the library mending books, etc.
    14. Become a member of the PTA or Board of Trustees.
    15. Attend parent meetings and interviews.
    16. Support our Parish.

    'May God grant you every grace and blessing and make you one of His dearest and best beloved'.

    Catherine McAuley
    Board St Gerards,
    Apr 1, 2017, 10:33 PM
    School Principal,
    Feb 12, 2017, 5:55 PM
    School Principal,
    May 20, 2016, 8:04 PM
    School Principal,
    May 20, 2016, 8:03 PM