Board Elections are held every three years. The current board term of office began 10 June 2016. 
The board is composed of five elected parent trustees, four proprietor's representatives appointed by our Bishop 
(including the Parish Priest), an elected staff trustee and the Principal of the school.

The Board of Trustees meets at least eight times per year. 
Board meetings are scheduled during Term One for the remainder of the year.

A copy of the agenda for an upcoming meeting is available on request by emailing the Board Chair.

Ellen Middendorf  - Elected parent trustee

Ben Donaldson  -    Elected parent trustee

Sam Williams     -    Elected parent trustee

Heather Breen.  -    Elected parent trustee

Nathan McLean  -  Elected parent trustee

Savio Fonseca   -   Proprietor's Appointee

Barbara Grubb  -    Proprietor's Appointee

 Fr Vaughan Leslie  -   Parish Priest

Julie Flannery   -   Elected staff trustee

Trina Eastwood   -   Principal/Tumuaki
Board Chair - phone 0273451172